About the Author

Terryn Horton-Morton was born in Mount Vernon, New York. She was always the little girl with the big imagination. When she was in second grade, she was asked to write a one page essay on the life of Martin Luther King Jr. She did so well on this assignment that she was given an award from the Principle for such great work for someone so young. Terryn knew from that point that she was meant to be a writer.

After graduating from high school, she attended Norfolk State University and majored in Mass Communications in Journalism. She did a few articles for the Spartan Echo but became very disheartened when her work was not given high marks. She stopped writing for years after the experience.

In 2015 while working as a Human Resources assistant, a co-worker gave her the idea to start a blog to share her interesting stories to a larger audience. Terryn was nervous at first to get back into writing after all those years, but she took the leap of faith to try it out.

She started out with random topics because she had not quite found her niche. Then in 2017, she began to feel more moved to talk about her modern day journey in faith. She figured out early that her story needed to be told and that her God needed to be discussed as well. So her blog became a Christian Faith based blog about her triumphs, defeats, her ups and her downs, her family, her friends, and her career. And from that point on up to now she has been continuing to encourage and inspire others to be their best selves.

Terryn is married to her college sweetheart and they share three amazing sons together. She recently became an author for the first time and is published through Christian Faith Publishing. Her book “Their Innocence, My Hustle, Our Growth-A Modern Faitherella Story” is available for purchase at all the major booksellers.