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Guarded Hearts-Heart Series Chapter 1


Hi Everyone. I know I had spent a few weeks talking about seeds. Now let’s start a conversation about our hearts. Because our hearts are just like the seed of our existence, we must learn how to guard it. And just like my son, Ryan, seen above running a marathon, we must put our heart into the marathon of this life. God gave us the one, so we must bless Him by living with the right goals in mind.

Chapter 1- Hearty Goals

Goals! We all have them and we all strive to obtain them. It takes much heart for the journey to reach them. And in this journey with ever present goals we must also remember to guard our hearts against all the things that would deter us from reaching our goal. The goal is in Christ we know better, so we may do better.

The heart is a very controversial organ. The heart is the center of our existence. Without the heart pumping blood into the different parts of our body, everything breaks down. Our hearts must be guarded against all the negative forces that attack us daily. You will find that once the heart is affected, everything is infected. So how do we stay focused on the goal, if our hearts are no longer in it? That is when we must press on, allowing faith to take over where our hearts are lacking.

What is your goal or goals today? Are you focusing on your long term or your short-term goals? My goals have always been more long term. I always have been the person to focus my attentions to be at a certain place by a certain time. I always figured the day to day grind would take care of itself, but I needed to always plan for my future. In other words, instead of guarding the center of me from the unnecessary things, I allowed my ego and pride to make decisions for me. Not Cool! In doing that my plans were never in line with what God had planned for my life. So instead of pressing toward the goal, I was pushing it further away. Can you say the same thing?

“I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” PHILIPPIANS 3:14

That has become one of my Matras as of late…because it is so true. As I press toward Christ, all my hearts desires are answered in ways I could not accomplish on my own. And, my heart stays centered and focused on all the things of Christ as well; the lasting things that only He can provide.

We can all accomplish the goals burning in our hearts, God put them there in the first place. But, we must guard our hearts to ensure that we are on the same page as God. He is the one to fulfill us so that we will not yearn for the temporary, but instead press toward the permanent.

Take some time and figure out your goals. Then once you figure them out, pray over them to ensure they are in line with God’s goals for your life. You will start to see less of yourself and more of Him. And that goal lasts forever. You got this!



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