Faith Journey

I Would Not Be Here if not for Her!

Hi All,

This is not my usual blog post. But i just wanted to take some time to give credit to the one who brought me into the world. Her sacrifices and support have made me who I am. I had to take some time to thank God for tjis woman who gave me life amd allowed my creativity and uniqueness to shine brightly. I have the best mom, the most loving mom in the world.

Wishing a Happy Birthday to not only the most beautiful woman I know, but also to the kindest, strongest, hardest working, non complaining, most encouraging, and best role model I know. Thank you Mommy for not only raising me but also for loving me unconditionally. It took alot to raise me by yourself, but you did it with grace, dignity, strength, and with lots of hugs and kisses. #BestMomintheuniverse

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