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KINGDOM BUSINESS IS MY ONLY BUSINESS/My Modern Day Journey in Faith/”Truth Series”

I always contemplated the “what if’s” of everything I absorbed. Whether it was a conversation with someone, a lecture, a story, a movie, or an experience I would take in bits and pieces to analyze what role I played in it.

This allowed me, in many instances, to gain an understanding of the affect and effect certain situations had on me in my growth and in my mindset toward life in general.

You see, most of us struggle so hard to find our place because we never took the time to truly learn about our space. Just being alive does not always mean you are truly living.

The truth about who we are is first found in who God purposed us to be. He created a universe inside of us so complex that replication is impossible. 

With so many threats and changes hitting us all at once, I find myself way more thoughtful and self analytical than I have ever been.

Have you thought about what role you are playing in the shifting of our world?

For months before the new year 2020, God had been preparing me mentally and spiritually for a huge change that was to come.

He gave me many signs and many sleepless nights in the restless feelings I had leading up to the Pandemics. 

Am I the only one who felt a change in the air toward the end of 2019?

God is incredible and He is our Creator. He does not sit idly by and just watch us like the world depicts Him in the movies.

God has planned so many things before the conception of comprehension, and now these things are coming to pass.

Great strife and suffering has occurred to His people for many generations…and God is setting things in correct order. God is the God of order. 

But the world is full of disorder. So how do both co-exist? 

There can never be any balance when you have too much disorder….so God must enforce His order. He has given all of us free will but we all use that to sin freely. And this is why we must realize what we are purposed and created for.

God meant for all of us to be here to show and to tell of who He is. We are the protectors of the key to true destiny and enlightenment. And with this new day approaching, what role do you want to play in orchestrating God’s masterpiece for His children?

This week I challenge you to ask that question to yourself. It is easy to get lost in all the distracting press on everything happening now, but God is calling His children to not be so waylaid by the flash of news but instead be vigilant in the preparation of ourselves for the next level of Kingdom Business.

This is our time to truly say, we are about our Father’s business and His business is the only one that will outlast this world. Remember, You got this!



6 thoughts on “KINGDOM BUSINESS IS MY ONLY BUSINESS/My Modern Day Journey in Faith/”Truth Series”

  1. Today’s environment… we get distracted of what our purpose is… Spread the word of God… I thank you for doing your part and reminds us to do the same. I know I got this 🙂 God Bless you and your Family.

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  2. Wow…timely and so true. Reading this today is such an eye opener from when it was posted. Just like God’s Word, no matter what season we’re in His Word is always there when you need it, everyday. Just like this blog. Thanks for the uplifting reminder. May God continue to use your daily journey to inspire us along the way. Love you!

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    1. You are so right. I had to remind myself this week to stay on task and focused on God’s purpose and will for my life. No time to get distracted. Thank you for reading and commenting. You are appreciated.

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