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Release the Miracle! A Poem- By T.H.M

We must refuse to give up on eachother,
In God we are still all sisters and brothers,
We are getting met with issues on all sides,
The enemy is busy spreading confusion and lies,
We can’t afford to give up on what God ordained,
We cannot afford to sit on the sidelines and complain,
The change that is needed always starts with us,
It’s easy to want to see all the issues and just fuss,
Remember the bible tells us the stories of men and women who had no idea at first what their destiny would be,
They all had to face incredible challenges before they were free,
These people fought hard in a world that did not love them at first,
The brutality of their lives we can now see a little for ourselves,
The multiple Pandemics we face, certainly feels kind of like Hell,
But God has a plan and is still the victor in all the strife,
We must trust that He is the true head of our lives,
We are being crushed and pressed like the lumps of coal we are,
The miracle we are experiencing and will soon see, will show us all that God is our true Star!

Have a Blessed and Bountiful Week in Jesus Name!

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