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Time to Rise Up!

We are reminded often that these are the worst times to be in,
And we do not know where the chaos ends or begins,
The toll of all that is happening makes us all doubt at times,
Why are we chosen or called to be here in this day and time?
God has the answer if only we would focus,
What is inside of us will surely cause a major plot twist,
The world, despite its craziness, is looking to us for guidance,
Because deep inside they know where the light is,
The foundation of all we knew is being tested and questioned,
Our very souls are being torn and bled thin,
We are called to rise above the HATE and the CONFUSION that these Pandemics have left us in,
We are chosen with the tools to combat the chaos from within,
So no more playing games or riding the fence,
No more thinking you have more time to avoid making a difference,
We are called to be above all the rest,
We are chosen by God to fight against all the enemy’s mess,
And God has been preparing us to be powerful and blessed!

Poem by T.H.M

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