Christian writers

You Got This! Poem by T.H.M/My Modern Day Journey in Faith/”Inspirational Series”

We all had a year that took our breathe away,
We saw more calamity and strife than what our hearts could take,
We struggled with who we are and what God needed us to be,
How can we make impact when we do not have anything to repay?
But God showed up time and time again,
He made our paths straight to make it to the end,
He wiped all our tears and hugged us even tighter,
We had no idea how well He built us as fighters,
God gave us jobs, opened our creative centers, and made us believe in the impossible again,
He also made us get over the hurts from family and friends,
God covered His children in this year 2020,
God gave us a smile even when nothing was really funny,
There are only three weeks left to open your mind to the more,
And God is not finished for He has tremendous blessings in store!

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