Christian writers

“Struggling but Trusting in God”/Poem by T.H.M/My Modern Day Journey in Faith

We are hard pressed on all sides,
The anxiety is too great to hide,
Why? Is the question we are all asking on the inside,
The television amps up our frustration,
We are all starting to lose our patience,
We cry out, “Please God heal our nation!”
Even though we feel lost, our Creator still is our Rock,
He centers our fears and takes our pain within Himself,
He is fighting this war that is purely spiritual,
His love for His children is keeping us secure,
Many of us are struggling but we must learn to trust,
Despite all the chaos right now, God is still making a clear path for us,
We are hard pressed on all sides but we have nothing or no one to fear,
God is still God and His power is what these times are opening our hearts to revere,
Trust God even though you are struggling,
He is the one to make our lives right side up again.
God loves you.

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