Christian writers

Have You Prayed Today?/Poem by T.H.M

We ask God to heal our land,
And He has answered our prayers before time really began,
We ask God to take all the pain away,
And we have yet to spend time seeking His face,
We continue to move from here to there,
Without thanking God for our breathing fresh air,
We ask God to turn our lives around for the better,
Yet we hold on to the worldly mindset with a tether,
God continues to give us mercy and grace,
Yet we have decided its easier to use the time we have in waste,
God will always do way more for us than we could ever do for Him,
It’s not our perfection He wants, it’s us realizing the value of surrendering our burdens to Him,
God is the same yesterday, today,  and always,
Our prayers and our worship will turn these times into better days.
God loves you.

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