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“Storms Leave Rainbows”/Poem by T.H.M/Sunday Message

The storms of this life can shape us,
They often come in to change us,
The year of terror has brought much rain,
Leaving the question on what is there to gain,
And how our trauma has affected us more than we can explain,
The representation of sacrifice and justice,
Are questioned so only when we notice,
That the storm may bring unfair damage to some and not all,
Many of us come out of it on a rise while some fall,
The storms also pull back some layers that time had covered up,
The rain and winds tend to bring things to the surface that were hidden in mud,
But always after a storm the rainbow shines clear,
It represents the end of the previous pain and the fear,
It holds light in a place that used to be dark,
Just like how God’s grace makes sure we never are kept a part,
From our creator who already brought all the sunshine,
And we must always remember storms have a limit and will not last all of the time.
God loves you Always!

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