Christian writers

“New Approach”/Poem by T.H.M/Happy Sunday Message

This last year has taught us that we can no longer depend,
On what we always used to do, where we have always been,
The Era of thinking we can do things the same way,
Can no longer apply to what is now a new day,
So many loved ones and friends have gone away,
Yet we are all still here to fight and proceed to the next phase,
God has provided us provision and guidance for what we must do next,
We can no longer believe the past ways of doing things are always correct,
The fire and the resilience is what will build a better tomorrow,
God’s will for us to endure the pain and learn from the sorrow,
He made us in His image so we were born to be conquerors,
The people who left before us, opened so many doors to our future,
How we approach things now can only be done in new terms,
The movement forward is painful at best,
But God has promised us all that in Him there is rest,
So let’s give this new approach an open mind and do our best,
God’s ways are not our ways so we can pass every test.
God loves you always! Remember that.

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