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“Easter Sunday”/Poem by T.H.M

There are many Easter Sundays that I remember as a kid,
Many Easter Sundays I could not understand truly what Jesus did,
We dressed up and we went to church and I would listen,
But back then I could not feel what everyone believed in,
Yet as I grew older and the more I heard,
About Jesus’ love for us, and I knew I had to learn,
What it meant to be crucified, dead and buried,
And to rise up three days later strong and steady,
To show the world what true love looks like that is full of hope,
For a world who could not deal with itself and could not cope,
A love that breaks strongholds and generational curses,
To know once Jesus said “It is Finished” would heal the world’s hurt,
I finally understood what Easter Sunday service was really supposed to be about,
That there was a sacrifice made many years ago that casts away fear and doubt,
His love outshines anything we could ever dream,
Because He arose so that thousands of years later we could all finally learn,
That in Him we are able to trust and believe!
God loves you always and Happy Resurrection Sunday to you all.

Terryn Horton-Morton

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