Christian writers

What Keeps Us…/Poem by T.H.M/Sunday Message

We often struggle with the light that shines within us,
That’s why we act out with anger, negativity and cuss,
It’s a huge responsibility to be this being that God created,
Alot of us run away and this soul we have hated,
Our childhoods and families have made us who we are,
And often we grow up to be adults with many internal scars,
God has created a masterpiece that can learn and can grow,
Our futures are uncertain but with faith we know,
That no matter what comes our way our knowledge in who we are meant to be,
Will slowly but surely blossom like a tree,
There will always be more questions than answers in this life,
And it’s never too late to come back home because God’s love will always bring the light.

Remember that God loves you always.



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