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Purposed on Purpose/My Modern Day Journey in Faith/Sunday Message

Our youth has taught us to do things a certain way,
Our experience has taught us that mistakes are okay,
Our Growth has taught us that we get through what we grow through,
Our journey in Faith has made us no longer trapped in the old but spiritually brand new,
The purpose for us is biblically sound,
And most of us fulfill it when people are not around,
The truth within us cannot be found in man,
Because God created us with a mightier plan,
These mindsets we develop over time can lead us astray,
Will make us look at sin like it’s something that is fun and okay,
To believe in God is to make many changes,
And when you read His word you find so many truths in those pages,
I thought I had my life in check until I surrendered to God’s will,
His love and kindness are something none of us alone can fulfill,
The purpose is our truth for why He cared enough in the first place,
He is the I Am that has created us to transcend time and space…
Remember that God loves you always!

Terryn Horton-Morton

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