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Rise & Shine/Happy Sunday Message/Poem by T.H.M

Rise everyone to who God created you to be,
Those dreams and those gifts help to inspire people like me,
Rise to the thinking that there is more and not less to see,
Make sure your smiles block out the negativity,
Shine so bright that enemy can do nothing but flee,
Make all the things that were against you think they moved too hastily,
Shine so radiant that the sun can only dream,
Of matching your light that makes unbelievers believe,
Rise and Shine to the true awakening of who God created you to be,
Rise and Shine to the morning of God’s  greatness inside of all of us faithfully,
God’s love is so deep it rivals the depth of the deepest sea,
Rise all you people who Christ died for so we may be free,
To see the glorious eternity of everything His promise has waiting for you and me.
Rise and Shine because the sun(son) shines magnificently.

Remember God loves you always.
Terryn Horton-Morton

4 thoughts on “Rise & Shine/Happy Sunday Message/Poem by T.H.M

  1. Girl, this here poem is LIFE!! I had to share it on Facebook!! Yes honey I need this poem to go VIRAL!!!! This is inspirational, encouraging and empowering!! If you read this and don’t feel nothing, I’m going to need you to read it over and over again until you do because this right here!! Let me tell you I’m Rising and I’m going to be Shining! This poem will be posted in the office!! I just might put it on my door before anyone enter!! This here is covering!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww…I appreciate that Auntie. I love you and you are awesome. Thank you for this. It was a word for me as well.


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