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Blind Faith/Poem by T.H.M/Sunday Inspiration

The true test of faith comes from the blind leap,
To trust and to be secure in the uncertainty with belief,
To take God at His word straight and true,
And to live in the knowing that God will provide for you,
There are so many questions we have yet to ask,
The many mysteries of faith cannot be unmasked,
He is our strong tower and our way maker you best believe,
There are many traps out here in the world to confuse and deceive,
The very heart of us wants to know so many things,
Yet a huge part of us would love to pretend it’s all a dream,
The unknowns ahead make us doubt and sometimes fear,
But we must remember God’s provision is always clear,
To tap into the true strength that is within us all,
The blessings ahead are designed to make us stronger to avoid the fall,
God prepared the way so we can find the way,
To truly believe He got us and in the end all of His children will be okay.

Remember that God loves you always. You got this!


Terryn Horton-Morton

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