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The Growth (Father’s Day)/Poem by T.H.M/Sunday Inspirational Poetry

You once thought the decisions you were making were the best,
Life tends to throw us many curveballs and many tests,
The status of what we considered fun and worthwhile,
Makes us often look back with a cringe or a smile,
The meaning to our life can often be blurry,
Too many of us zoom through it too fast and in a hurry,
The time we spend in being present right here and now,
Is what we ultimately surrender to God as a vow,
The weapons will not form against us nor will they prosper,
Our hearts must be open to see God as our true Father,
The lessons have shaped us and we are more than conquerors,
Our lives were built to be worth more than what we suffer,
We must trust and believe in our heavenly compass,
That is the only way our uncertainty will truly make sense,
The forgiveness we have for our fellow humans,
Is what we need to become the true us,
Father’s Day is a day that deserves its own time to see,
That everyone is trying to figure this thing out like you and me,
We all have a different viewpoint on what true growth looks like,
I can’t deny there is much pain that goes on from the inside,
We are all forever needing Father God to hold our hand,
Because His love is how we all first will come to understand.
Remember God loves you always…

Terryn Horton-Morton

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