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“Decisions”/Poem by T.H.M/Sunday Inspiration

Many of the decisions we have made often comes from the price,
Of living without the knowledge of a phenomenal sacrifice,
That was made for us by someone who did not think twice,
Of laying everything down and giving His life,
Despite all of His friends and family’s advice,
The answer He chose is the reason why He is Jesus the Christ,
This is why our decisions must come from God to not further entice,
Our flesh to give into what the world may advertise,
And the knowledge and wisdom we will eventually come to know,
Will help us to better learn, build, and to grow,
From the sacred counsel that the word gives us in overflow,
That God’s love for us is way more than we can bestow,
Until we understand what true sacrifice and love can come from our fellow,
Brothers and sisters who may not yet realize,
That their pain and hurt is the enemy feeding them lies,
From conception we had no idea of how deep the deception could hide,
The hatred of an enemy that is a wolf in disguise,
But again God’s love for us has always been the prize,
He sacrificed Himself so we no longer had to run and hide,
Because He defeated the enemy so we may rise,
We may surrender our will to God who has allowed for us all to see every sunrise.
Remember that God loves you always.

Terryn Horton-Morton

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