Christian writers

“Too Thought-Full”/Poem by T.H.M/ Sunday Inspiration

From Sunday to Sunday there are choices we make,
To follow what is seemingly the correct path in the direction we take,
Our minds tend to carry us through many different snapshots,
Of what might have been or what could be in what matters alot,
In the midst of the many thoughts that flow like heavy traffic,
God still enters the chaos with a calm that is so graphic,
He allows for us to see the many avenues our minds will flow,
But once He enters the scene all the craziness gets the caution sign that flashes yellow,
Those thoughts have no choice but to obey the Creator,
The fact that the enemy will still try to whisper things let’s you know he is a hater,
The funny thing about understanding your purpose is that it corrals those things,
Having a direction to take makes you less focused on hearing,
Anything different than what God tells you to do,
The hurt, the anger, the confusion, the depression has no choice but to leave you,
Believing in God makes us focus on the truth,
That the only thing stopping us from obtaining spiritual freedom,
Are the negative thoughts we allow to control me and you.

Remember God loves you always.

Terryn Horton-Morton

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