Christian writers

True Success?/Poem by T.H.M/Sunday Inspiration

What does success look like to you?
Does it have many 0’s or maybe a expensive vehicle or a boat or two,
The success we often think of comes from what we were told,
Generations before us did their best to guide and mold,
We often thought to make it would be in the physical,
Many times the dreams and the responsibilities to the previous generations were very critical,
This often makes us younger folks too analytical,
To the simple truth that God bestowed upon us willingly,
That His true purpose in us is the success we must see,
And the physical things will not last faithfully,
Being who we were made to be is freeing,
The phenomenal thing is that each day we are greeting,
A new version of the Godly success that is never fleeting,
And even though our paths get uncertain,
We must remember that God’s love for us is always perfect.

Remember that God loves you always.

Terryn Horton-Morton

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