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“True Vision”/Poem by T.H.M/Sunday Inspiration

It takes courage to see ourselves as we are,
The fact is that in God’s sight we are stars,
The assumption that our lives are not worth,
Because of the setbacks and pain we often react from our hurt,
Yet Jesus died to recover what we lost,
We know that the sacrifice is beyond any cost,
The fact is this Pandemic opened our eyes,
To what we often put to the side making our anger arise,
The many dreams we had as children we let go because of the enemy’s lies,
Now we must deal with what has been in the back of our minds,
To become who God created us to be while working behind enemy lines,
He entrusted us to spread the word which is truth,
To love one another and spread God’s kindness between me and you,
The fact that we are ending yet another summer,
Will allow us to pull back all those layers of covers,
To finally go for the things we should have done long ago,
God’s timing is perfect just in case you didn’t know,
So this week be inspired to create the vision that you had let go,
Be encouraged this week to believe that there is more greatness in you,
The tools to become who God meant you to be is always available for you to use.

Remember God loves you always.

Terryn Horton-Morton

2 thoughts on ““True Vision”/Poem by T.H.M/Sunday Inspiration

  1. Happy Sunday, I have been inspired by my daughters steadfast faith in encouragement to reach higher! With Nicole’s morning blessing and poem, I trust in God’s promise, to never leave me alone!

    We are having church up here lady! Happy Sunday Nicole Horton Morton!!

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