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True Love/Poem by T.H.M/Weekly Sunday Inspiration

The reign of truth will always step into place,
We must always be prepared for that time and that space,
When hearts and minds finally align,
To what God is telling us to leave behind,
It’s hard to believe that there is more than what is here,
We must remember this world we cannot hold too dear,
The trappings, the “freedoms”, the things we obtain will disappear,
There is a promise from God that we will never be without,
His pure love for us will always overshadow our doubt,
That we often have within ourselves from the years of believing we were without,
The joy and peace that God is all about,
Jesus’s sacrifice changed humanity to take a different route,
The truth will come whether we are ready or not,
It holds the promise of redemption that we all need alot,
We no longer can live with thinking we are not cared for,
God has shown us the many blessings for His children He has in store,
Just think on the things that make you who really are,
And remember in God true love is never too far.

Remember God loves you always.

Terryn Horton-Morton

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