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The Legacy/Poem by T.H.M/Weekly Sunday Inspiration

We have gone through so many new moments in these times,
The history we are creating right now will last through many generational lines,
There are many firsts we are all living through,
So many situations you thought that would never happen to you,
The things that we thought were so important have become null and void,
We often think back to those years that we wasted time on the temporary things we thought we “enjoyed”,
Our family and our purpose is what we should pursue,
Because the legacy of greatness will begin with you,
God has allowed for this planting season to happen to all of us,
We must use these moments we still have to further God’s love, Remember all great things come from above,
Everything and everyone seems to be going through some changes,
The things we are experiencing can only rearrange us,
To become the source of hope that many of our brothers and sisters need,
Faith can happen if we trust God completely,
These times are tough but remember you are stronger,
The pain and the despair will not last much longer,
By His stripes we are truly healed,
To trust in God is to finally have our true destiny revealed.

Remember God loves you always.


Terryn Horton-Morton

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