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Expiration Dates/Poem by T.H.M/Weekly Sunday Inspiration

Everything in life has an expiration date,
The most important things we should enjoy before it’s too late,
The fact that so many of us walk around with hate,
Makes God’s word so undeniably hard to negate,
Many of us are seeking for the more that this world cannot give,
This is why sometimes the simple let- downs in life become so hard to forgive,
God always intended to be the one we truly depend on,
His love, His promises, His word we can never get wrong,
The people in our lives are all here for a season,
They will bring something needed for us to grow for that reason,
We must not wrap everything in the people around us,
God is letting us know in these turbulent times the truth within us,
What are you holding onto that you know must expire?
A past hurt, a rejection, a betrayal, a loss, a liar?
God never said the days on earth would be without suffering,
But God also provided an opportunity for recovery,
Our hearts and our minds must stay in tune with Him,
Because very soon all us will get to see God again,
Stand upright in the knowledge that God is the I AM,
Our safety, our security in the promise will never expire because of the lamb.

Remember that God loves you always,

Terryn Horton-Morton

2 thoughts on “Expiration Dates/Poem by T.H.M/Weekly Sunday Inspiration

  1. Good morning my loving daughter on this wonderful God given day! The words you speak are inspiring, and renews my strength as I listen to what my daughter has to say. All things in Time, are the words I often speak of. All the while acknowledging our blessing are gifts from above. These Moments In Time!! are grounded in Gods reason. Let there be no denying, we are living in Gods Grace, as you bring our attention to the season. I have been blessed with a daughter and 4 extraordinary sons. I have become your witness, and in all of this excellence, God still is not done! Some may think this was some kind of scam. Behold my daughter delivers me by Gods Grace and the lamb!

    Happy Sunday! Oh! You got this!

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