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What’s It Worth?/Poem by T.H.M/Weekly Sunday Inspiration

The test comes to us in many different forms,
We cannot afford to ignore what the enemy makes look norm,
Too often we think it’s not worth the time,
To be better for God and ourselves so we do the crime,
Of thinking this life has been given to us for free,
But our life was paid for by a sacrifice to save you and me,
The things we believe to be so big and so important,
Are not as great as the true love that’s  supported,
With trials and tribulations that come from the connection,
To God who supplies our guaranteed protection,
The disagreements and the feelings that have been hurt along the way,
Can no longer control what we need for brighter days,
There is life and there is hope at the end of the COVID haze,
Do not give up on the truth that’s within you,
That God and Christ Jesus have made the path to through,
The going is tough and many times it’s hard for the tough to go,
But believe me, your destiny is bigger than you know,
Let’s keep the faith and press in toward the goal,
Because the prize in the surrender to God’s will is worth more than silver and gold.

Remember that God loves you always.

Terryn Horton-Morton

2 thoughts on “What’s It Worth?/Poem by T.H.M/Weekly Sunday Inspiration

  1. Cole this is so very Timely, to day is Gold Star Mothers morning, I will take this What’s It Worth Poen with me in hopes to share your good news of faith, promise, and prosperity through God’s Grace!! Happy Suday!!

    Moments In Time!! 1918 369th Black Regiment praised. Serena Willis turns 41 years young today!

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