Christian writers

“Peace Treaty”/Poem by T.H.M/Weekly Sunday Inspiration

The peace in realizing who you were created to be,
Rests in the word that God gave to you and to me,
The freedom of living fully into your own purpose,
Makes the trials and tribulations all worth it,
The fact that your life is truly the blueprint for others,
To find out that God’s truth and promise can be easily discovered,
The pain of relationships that have come and gone,
Only let’s you know that God knew the difference between what was right for us at the time,
But a winter season in a summer month will always be wrong,
The definition of who we are will be magnified by who we impact,
We will all leave behind a legacy that should stay intact,
The commitment to our truth is an ever progressing journey,
Ourselves and our God we will always be learning,
The stories and the emotions of these last two years,
Should let us know that God truly is near,
The fact that all of us are living in a time where we all feel the pressure,
Can be outweighed by the God given joy of freedom in Him nothing can measure,
Now that’s what you call true pleasure,
The load of the uncertainty of everything around us,
Can only make us cling harder to God who’s love surrounds us,
The love each one of us have inside our hearts,
Make the pain of loss feel overwhelming when it’s time to part,
But the great news is we serve a God who understands our emotions,
His love and kindness can dry our tears as deep as an ocean,
He makes crooked paths straight and minds free of the garbled lies of the enemy,
We can be confident in the promise that God will always be a better friend to you and to me.

Remember that God loves you always.

Terryn Horton-Morton

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