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“Transition”/Poem by T.H.M/Weekly Sunday Inspiration

It’s the transition in life that keeps us real and honest,
About where we are headed and if we are following God as promised,
The transition from one place to another,
Has many of us thinking differently about one another,
The transition from season to season keeps us aware of change,
Even though different weather patterns tends to feel strange,
The transition of moving from one age to the next,
Will sometimes make us feel a little confused or perplexed,
Trying to figure out what is next,
The transition in becoming different forms of ourselves,
Lead us down paths that will force us out of our shells,
The transition of this year to 2022,
Is a bittersweet reminder of the trials we all have gone through,
The before is gone but a new day approaches,
We all must look to God, not just as a teammate but all our Head Coaches,
He has the play chart ready for each of our new moves,
He sets up our lives so in transition, we still cannot lose,
And failure in Him is a word we must refuse,
This month we will be mindful of what’s been,
To be thoughtful of where we are going and how to begin again,
Transition is strange but it’s placement is necessary,
God did not place you here to overthink and to worry,
Your greatness is what God is pulling out of you,
Without the changes there would not be a testimony of God carrying you through,
Remember that God always will provide a way for me and for you.

God loves you always!

Terryn Horton-Morton

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