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Season of Expectation/Poem by T.H.M/Weekly Sunday Inspiration

We patiently wait in expectation of great things,
The sparkle of lights makes us remember childhood wonderings,
The pain and sadness of the years gone by,
Tend to creep in everytime we hear a holiday greeting from a passerby,
The joy of this season is magnified with our loved ones,
The reds and greens everywhere makes it more meaningful and fun,
We can celebrate while taking time to embrace our struggles,
Sometimes watching the world move on hurts on many levels,
Too many people have so much angst about this holiday,
The memories of unmet expectations is still not okay,
But I will let you know there is someone who is closer than a brother,
There is someone who provides the peace like no other,
Someone who turns every frown to a smile,
Someone who makes the holiday season miraculous because of a child,
That was born not in a hospital but in a Manger,
And it was a phenomenal event because of all of the danger,
The reason for this season is to believe in the impossible,
This is why our souls must remain faithful,
To what the promise of God will bring,
And that is freedom from the enemy’s lie with joy that’s everlasting.

Remember God loves you always and Merry Christmas Everyone!

Terryn Horton-Morton

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