Christian writers

“Gifts Manifest”/Poem by T.H.M/Sunday Inspiration

The beauty of our gifts reside,
Where we often tend to run and hide,
From the destiny we try to deny,
Because God’s assignment to us make’s us all feel a bit shy,
To claim what has always been our own,
But our lives have faced so many unknowns,
That our Faith had not quite outgrown,
The stumbling blocks of a world that is not our home,
God gifts us with strength and wisdom,
And blesses all of us who are quiet enough to listen,
With all we need in the provision,
To use our gifts to help any who needs them,
So that they can discover their own freedom,
In finding out that we all will get our crown in due season,
Because God brings us through with good reason,
To make us stronger to fight the true enemy that would lead them,
To a place where their gift would never flourish and grow,
And we as God’s children are too blessed and wonderfully made,
To not let the entire world know,
That we will no longer sit by and be content,
With the world’s junk food given to us by not fulfilling our destiny,
Because the green tea leaves of our gifts, Are rising to the surface of this hot cup of God’s light manifestation in you and me.

Remember God loves you always.

Terryn Horton-Morton

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