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A Beginning/Poem by T.H.M/Weekly Sunday Inspiration

We have surpassed the end of one thing to uncover the beginning of another,
The times we are in is making us really be there for eachother,
Our lives may be going through a loop of uncertainty,
God’s purpose for us will overrule everything,
The movement forward unto a path unknown,
Makes us anxious for what is not completely our own,
The transitions of last year made us take on a new strength,
We all came to know what true bravery meant,
The connection we hold with family and friends,
Allows for us to breathe and face the world again,
The dream we seek for ourselves is still there,
God’s word let’s us know no matter what is happening, He is there,
The new year 2022, feels different than any of the years before,
We all are feeling the heavy burdens and stress crowding our doors,
But the hope that comes from seeing a new day dawn,
Is enough for us to know we will never face uncertainty alone,
We cannot let this year be in vain,
We must at all times have Faith and Hope in Jesus name,
There are miracles to be experienced and connections to be found,
God’s presence is with you always, just look around,
We are blessed to be here and we are destined for great things,
Remember that in this new year, God still supplies all our needs.

God loves you always and you got this!

Terryn Horton-Morton

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