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The Race!/Poem by T.H.M/Weekly Sunday Inspiration

The race toward our greatness is an individual task,
The mighty things we consider sometimes seem to be too big of an ask,
Each of us has a mission to complete,
The situations that drained us before have become obscelete,
God has built us very complex to handle everything the enemy can throw at us,
He provides a community of family to help us deal with life and discuss,
What our next moves will be once we finally move on from our past,
Eternity is forever while our time here in this world will fly by fast,
Instead of holding on to every disagreement and disappointment,
Let’s apply God’s word to every frustrating thing like an ointment,
But with permanent affect in which the wound will not reopen,
Our hearts during these times have taken a punch or two,
Losing ourselves to the madness at times makes our anger come through,
The people we once considered friend are no longer people we associate with,
We can look back at the last two years and see that our priorities in what was important had begun to shift,
The relationships we treasured before had to come to an end,
For God to bring about the change in us that was needed for our purpose to begin,
So now we are traveling through this life a few people lighter,
Which makes us hold on to the ones who are still here even tighter,
This race we are on will only be finished with God’s final say,
His faithfulness and His kindness will never pass away,
So continue to put one foot in front of the other,
God has the best for you still to come and your life is not going to be like any other.

Remember God loves you always. We got this because God got us!

Terryn Horton-Morton

3 thoughts on “The Race!/Poem by T.H.M/Weekly Sunday Inspiration

  1. This is an amazing testimony to God’s Promise, in this extraordinary Moment In Time!!

    I read in a whisper, as Nicole’s words began to rhyme! In that very moment, I knew this message was for me, Trust in the Lord, and you too will See!

    There can be no greater Love, then a daughter’s message to her dad, if you chose to listen, you too will be, oh so very glad!

    Nicole Terryn Horton Morton, has been gifted in this Time! OMG, as I receive her gift, I too began to rhyme!

    It has been said, “once a man, twice a child” so “Lean not on your own understanding “and reason!!

    My daughter has introduced me to God’s promise, as I live and love in this magnificent season!!

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