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“Accept the Change”~ Weekly Sunday Inspiration ~Poem by T.H.M~

To accept the never ending changes that enter our lives,
Will come once we seek the wisdom of compromise,
Our fates often lie with what we choose to hold on to,
And many of us are fighting daily to make it through,
The hard times of what we perceived our relationships and pursuits to be,
Because they are changing daily just like you and me,
As we age things will always take a new shape,
Many of us thought the people in our lives were superheroes without capes,
But we soon come to know all of us are human,
That God is creating all of us to become like new men and women,
In the constant molding of us to form a new creature,
The changes will display as new personality or feature,
Because the pursuit of our purpose overrides all these worldly deals,
And the enemy is prowling waiting for the right spirit to kill,
God created us to be His children of endless possibilities,
To know that Faith is the key to fulfilling our dreams,
The grace and mercy He has shown toward us,
Should outweigh the urge to hurt one another and be filled with a lust,
We must realize we are formed from dust,
This is why the changes we face in this life are God’s way of shaking off the rust,
That comes from being to complacent with life remaining the same,
And once you take God’s hand, you will become a new being with an amazing new name.

Remember God loves you always. You got this because God got us.

Terryn Horton-Morton

2 thoughts on ““Accept the Change”~ Weekly Sunday Inspiration ~Poem by T.H.M~

  1. As I had woke this early Sunday morning, I impatiently waited for my daughter’s message and calling! The more things change, they often remain the same, that’s a conundrum that only gaining wisdom can explain. I know how hard I have fought to make it through, now God has made a way for my loving daughter Nicole too!! Our relationships are often tied to ones pursuits, I have come to see, that’s why this morning’s calling is so very special to me! As I age I bear witness to life’s changing shape! To God Be The Glory!! Some truly are that same superheroes, however wisdom demands we conceal our capes!!! Only in Gods Grace will your real pursuit be made known, you must be willing to sacrifice, and only then will your feet not stumble in your path to atone! Truth in your pursuit is what you seek, it is the superficial, and shallow that make some weak. It may be difficult to separate oneself from this worldly deal. In the gain of wisdom, your spirit will be protected and the enemy plots revealed!!!! Man/woman is of the dust, to the dust we all must return. God’s Grace promises an awesome, wonderful life, that the lesson to learn!! How so very extraordinary to be known by another name, with in that Moment IN Time!! the crocket and uneven will be made plain/plane!!

    I love you Terryn Nicole!

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