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“Minor Setbacks”~Poem by T.H.M~Weekly Sunday Inspiration

The things we do to cope with our setbacks,
Tends to be the perfect setting for the enemy to attack,
Our minds will have us thinking the worst despite having the best,
These are the times when our faith must pass the test,
We may get comfortable with everything going one way or the other,
Yet most of us are still struggling with hating one another,
Our purpose is not wrapped up in just one thing,
God has provisioned us to be rulers over most everything,
That includes the wayward thoughts that tend to make us mad,
The same ones that will turn to action if we want them so bad,
We have to fight a war against the invisible attacks behind the scenes,
The ones that come out of nowhere just like a bad dream,
The ones that make us feel ungodly, if you know what I mean,
But we can fight the good fight with the weapons that God has given us,
The strength, the courage, and the wisdom that God provides is a must,
There are people out there looking to us for the way,
This is why we cannot afford to stray,
And despite the setbacks this faith journey tends to throw at us,
Just know in God we can always put our confidence in the loyalty and the trust.

Remember that God loves you always. You got this because God got us.

Terryn Horton-Morton

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