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“More Than A Phase”~Poem by T.H.M~Weekly Inspiration

The many phases we experience at times remind us,
That Godly growth truly is a must,
The often scary and hard task of walking into the unknown,
Will often make us proud that we did this on our own,
The movement of Faith only happens as we learn,
That the impossibility of life is hitting at every turn,
God makes us look inside of ourselves for the courage to take that next step,
And sometimes it’s too hard with all the pain that we have left,
Yet God has always given us the grace to manifest,
Life at any age brings about an evolving of self,
It’s like finding a old childhood book we used to love on a dusty bookshelf,
We open the book to remember all the hopes and dreams that were incited in us,
The colorful pictures on each page does something that that helps us adjust,
The knowledge we can use at any age,
Will only come with the readiness to turn the page,
The stories we loved before has helped us face every stage,
God calls us to remember that we are His first,
Yet within His love and kindness we will never thirst,
I pray this new chapter will bring more opportunity to drive,
Towards the ever burning fire of the faith we have inside,
We must all desire to be more than theory comprised,
We were built with a purpose and that purpose is to rise,
And every birthday us an opportunity to have God’s promise for us transcribed.

Thank you all again for all the birthday blessings. Remember that God loves you always.

You got this because God got us.

Terryn Horton-Morton

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