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“Minding God’s Business”~ Poem by T.H.M ~Weekly Sunday Inspiration

What are your thoughts saying about you?
Are you thinking about God seeing you through?
Are you thinking you can accomplish a thing or two?
Are your thoughts helping your heart love anew?
The thoughts we have especially now,
Can lead us closer or farther away somehow,
We steadily mind the stresses of this life,
But our thoughts often lead us into more strife,
Focusing on the good tends to only make us better,
The movement towards purpose makes us a go- getter,
We can focus on the setbacks, the trials, the hurt,
Or instead turn our thoughts into heavenly joy that works,
You can control your thoughts instead of them controlling you,
God is still clearing the way for me and for you,
To mind God’s business means to think accordingly,
And to treat all our relationships meaningfully,
We must continue to stay on God’s holy mindset continuously,
Because God has shown us the way out of no way faithfully.

Remember God loves you always. You got this because God loves us.

Terryn Horton-Morton

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