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“Strickly Kingdom”~Poem by T.H.M~Weekly Sunday Inspiration

The kingdom of God is full of light,
Each one of us has true value and sight,
To see our lives change for the better,
Sometimes we must send our past’s a four- page letter,
There is understanding is realizing our worth,
The phenomenal thing is that we have been a miracle since birth,
We live our lives and often wonder what is next,
The kingdom of God provides us wisdom to pass every test,
We can look around at ourselves and feel pride in who God is for us,
This is why we must approach our trials and tribulations with little fuss,
The correct thing that we do often helps us be brand new,
We figure out the equation of our circumstance that allows the answer to come through,
God has redeemed us to be fishermen of men,
Everyone’s life is an important part of what is happening,
We are embarking towards a dawn that will bring about a new thing,
Pain, sadness, anger, depression will no longer be what we are offering,
To keep the commandment to love eachother as ourselves,
Allows for us to think about Jesus as our help,
To be apart of the kingdom work that God has for all of us,
Further reminds that in God it is to know and it is to trust.

Remember that God loves you always. You got this because God got us.

Terryn Horton-Morton

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