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“Grace Granted”~ Poem by T.H.M~ Weekly Sunday Inspiration

Grace is what God gives us freely,
It is also something we owe to ourselves, But do we do it?
To be honest, not really!
The many things in this life we take for granted,
Often remind us that earth is a temporary place that we landed,
Even though our trials make us feel as if we were stranded,
The value of this life comes from first believing,
That following God we build the path to achieving,
The answers to the many questions we have,
About why certain things hindered our path,
On this journey that keeps us always hoping,
For the best despite not knowing,
What lies ahead as we take up the cross to follow Christ,
Something incredible happens once we understand the sacrifice,
That was given for us without thinking twice,
This is why He teaches love as the goal,
For His children to live the eternal life that was once foretold,
In a book that is thousands of years old,
So grace is the key in knowing our own story,
Because without it, we would never grasp the significance of witnessing God’s incredible glory!

Remember God loves you always. You got this because God got us.

Terryn Horton-Morton

One thought on ““Grace Granted”~ Poem by T.H.M~ Weekly Sunday Inspiration

  1. Thank you for your Grace Lord. Thank you for this amazing vessel, Terryn, that you use week after week to encourage & inspire. Amen.


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