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“Its Grace-Period!” ~Poem by T.H.M~Weekly Sunday Inspiration

When doubt ends true worship begins,
The amazing grace which comes no matter how many times we sin,
Is what each new day God gives to us to start again,
The trauma in the childhoods that most of us faced,
Should make us all see one another with kindness and grace,
When we can look in the mirror and take a hard look,
At what we have been through and the toll it has took,
Is why we must be greatful to God for reading us as an open book,
To find the light in us even when our circumstances are dark,
God knows us all and true faith has us marked,
For the kingdom come, thy will be done,
The Lord gives us shelter against every storm- bar none,
The fading away of the shame that followed us daily,
Will make us be mindful of how we made it through certain situations just barely,
The grace that renews every time our feet hit the ground morning by morning,
Will make us feel greatful for each new dawning,
Which allows the sufferings we have endured to have a purpose,
And not to walk in a season with bitterness and curses,
This is why God continues to tell us we are worth it,
Because God grants us grace and loves us despite the fact that we are not perfect.

Remember God loves you always. You got this because God got us.

Terryn Horton-Morton

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