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“Nothing’s Too Hard for God” ~Poem by T.H.M ~Weekly Sunday Inspiration

The first steps we took as babies were the miraculous moves toward our destiny,
Because this symbolized the strength in ourselves and who we are meant to be,
God supplies us with everything we need,
To face the obstacles that we are sure to meet,
But even though the first steps that we took were wobbly,
God lays out the clear path for us to walk mindfully,
In the hopes that we will gain all the clarity,
To become the best representation of the His kingdom faithfully,
To handle the war that started so many years ago pre-historically,
Yet these first steps happen with us falling down constantly,
And God is there with us consistently,
To make sure even if we are down we are not out when we are trying to be,
The worldly version of successful in this dangerous economy,
That lifts up sin as a thing to aspire to wholeheartedly,
God is not and never will be fragile or weak,
God created the heavens and the earth for everything to live harmoniously,
We were the ones who decided our first steps should be done sinfully,
Not paying attention to the serpent who had lies up the sleeve,
To kill, steal, and destroy is what the enemy believes,
To take us from our creator who loves us exceptionally,
The truth of it is that the Great I am is gangsta and is always moving powerfully,
To ensure me and you have a safe place to land when we mistakenly,
Think we can outrun God and live these lives unfaithfully,
Nothing is too hard for God and this is why those first steps are truly meant to be.

Remember that God loves you always. You got this because God got us.

Terryn Horton-Morton

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