Christian writers

“How to Find the Facts of Life!” ~Poem by T.H.M. ~Faitherella’s Sunday Inspiration (Women’s History Month Edition)

The meaning of your life will not come overnight,
The journey to overcoming takes a lot of foresight,
To know where you are headed despite being blind to what’s next,
The opportunity to grow and mature is the ultimate flex,
God has given us everything but the spirit of fear,
Our resilience, despite our trials, forces us to wipe away every tear,
The wounds of the past will always take time to heal,
We are so unique and majestic in how deeply we are able to feel,
The setup to greatness is a building that keeps rising,
Your purpose and vision are not meant for public analyzing,
And when we share our heart too quickly, others’ disbelief can become paralyzing,
The newness of the days that are still yet to come,
That’s why we must face our truth bar none,
Victory is just one small step away,
The triumph of accomplishing anything is a win, okay!
Just be the best you can be and try not to judge,
Everyone is doing their best, and our disappointment tends to hold a grudge,
So use your time wisely and be clear of the path,
God is not only paying attention, but His love for us still outlasts.

Remember that God loves you always. You got this because God got us.


Terryn Horton-Morton

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