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“Faitherella’s Story”~ Weekly Inspiration (Women’s History Month Edition)

“Faitherella” means to be so close to God that she is absolutely coveted head to toe in His goodness!”

As women, we are such incredible thinkers and go-getters, yet we are also our worst enemy in how we look at ourselves.

Too many times, it has been easy to sit on the sidelines and wait for others to give me the assurance to go after my dreams.

This then led me to complacency and bitterness towards life in general.

But, breakthrough occurred when I finally said “Yes” to God’s will and allowed Him to guide me through to my purpose.

So I hope that all women will come to understand that faith is our fairytale that is guaranteed to come true when we step into the seemingly impossible with God.

You are stronger and more capable of doing phenomenal things, but you must take that leap into your “YES”

Are you ready to become your own version of Faitherella today?

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