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“Leaping Into My Why!” ~Faitherella is on the Move Series~

Hi everyone,

Well, I did a thing yesterday 4/4/23.. stepping out more on faith and on purpose!

My book is now available for purchase at @2ndandcharles, and I am so excited to have it on bookshelves!

Progress is happening, but it takes us to say YES to God’s will, even when we are not sure how this will all turn out.

I was convicted in my spirit for not going after what I had been blessed with to carry. So, I had to make the decision to trust that God would be my net to catch me while walking totally in the dark.

I am grateful for all the encouragement and support in doing things that I have never done or seen before in my own life.

I pray my Faitherella journey is inspiring others with their own!

So excited, everyone! Check out my book today!

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