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How to Find Comfort in the Uncomfortable! ~ Inspirational Blog Post by T.H.M~A Modern Faitherella’s Perspective

I believe this year we should resolve to be better to ourselves than ever before. I am reminded of how many times I thought putting my all into someone’s else’s vision or dream would still leave me wondering if I did enough.

The enough as far as my time, my energy, my experience, my worth, and my value. It would always be rolled up into what another person was accomplishing. Then, once the goal was met, I would barely get a pat on the back, much less a thank you.

But I had to question myself and ask, if there was a whole hearted “Thank You,” would that give me the assurance I needed to continue working in that space? Was that the magical key to feeling purposed and encouraged?

These questions I had were heart-wrenching for me because my heart, I thought, was in the right place. But in growing in my relationship with God, I found out the hard lesson that I was replacing my own purpose to fill the empty spaces that I did not want to look into for myself.

You see, it’s easy to live our everyday lives as we focus on the things we believe are “pleasurable.” The things that give us that instant boost of sugared up joy that we can remember having from a piece of candy when we were little.

All things were awesome when I was given a candy bar as a kid. No matter what I was seeing or feeling, I could bury it in the sweet, sugary goodness of caramel and chocolate.

Yet, as I grew up, the sugar turned into devaluing myself because I was so busy not coming to terms with my own bumps and bruises of life. It was cool to put on a happy face and still have an inner sadness that could not be explained to anyone but God.

What do you do when you feel lead to be more, but you still hear the voices in your head that you are less? Honestly, we hear those voices in our everyday lives too.

The spirit of God grew in me over time. It was not like I searched God out because I did not know where to start. I knew I had something inside me pulling me to greatness in everything I pursued, but I was hindered by my feelings of unworthiness, too.

Thank God for God, because He found me and placed me exactly where I needed to be; with the right people of God to provide the wisdom I needed to understand my place in the kingdom.

So I say that this year we must be better to ourselves because now more than ever before, we feel God’s tangible spirit upon us. We feel God’s directional pull to take our leap into faith.

We feel His desire for our purpose to be lived out in this season. Sitting on the sidelines of our lives can no longer be an option. We must step up to the call God placed on our lives.

You are beautifully and wonderfully made. Do not let the everyday dim your purpose. Stepping into the unknown is not easy, but believe me, it’s worth it!

Remember, God loves you always. You got this because God got us.

Terryn Horton-Morton

One thought on “How to Find Comfort in the Uncomfortable! ~ Inspirational Blog Post by T.H.M~A Modern Faitherella’s Perspective

  1. Good morning praise God. thank you for another great inspirational message. It really makes you think, it makes you look into yourself, it makes me Ponder. I thank God that I know when God’s hand is in it all. have a blessed day I love you.


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