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Dreams Fulfilled!/My Modern Day Journey in Faith/”Destiny Series”

To dream or not to dream..that is the question I have found myself pondering lately on this whirlwind date with destiny.

I have been so blessed to see so many things I only could have imagined for myself happen in the midst of this Pandemic.

Won’t He do it!

We all have been through a long Shakespearean tragedy that we wish we could stop reading already. Each day we are faced with more horrible news and more questions unanswered.

Yet, in the midst of our heartache God has come through time and time again with the pain medicine.

“Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved, for you are my praise.” Jeremiah 17:14

I have seen so many people who have lost the anchor to their hopes and dreams.

Many of us have been shaken awake to an alternate reality we were not aware that we had missed. While the other folks who have been awake are now under the strain of wishing to be put to sleep.

Our dreams are sometimes the answered questions in our hearts. We just have to realign ourselves with the one who will make the vision plain.

“Behold, I will bring to it health and healing, and I will heal them and reveal to them abundance of prosperity and security.” Jeremiah 33:6

The vision will only come from true surrender and obedience to God’s will for our lives. Even when we are at our lowest, God still is at the highest.

As I mentioned in the beginning of the post, this season of my life has been extremely humbling and blessed. I have dreamed of doing so many things but did not have the right environment to move into those new areas until now.

I still struggle with the mechanics of it all but through it all I have learned to trust in Jesus.

Your struggle is only made easier in the rest of knowing you have no control over anything except yourself.

This Pandemic may have altered our plans but it definitely has not canceled our dreams.

You are more than conquerors and I am excited for all the more that God has for us…because His promises fulfilled are always like a true fairy tale.

Remember you got this!


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