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“Heartbeat of Purpose”/Poem by T.H.M/Weekly Sunday Inspiration

The heartbeat of purpose is pumping inside of all of us,
The journey it takes to get there is what I need to discuss,
The fragments of the dreams that we used to have a children,
Makes us realize the innocence of what our lives could have been,
Also dealing with the fact of seeing another year end,
Makes us hold on even tighter to our family and friends,
Purpose is what pushes us to become our true selves,
It’s the reason why despite everything we still feel connected with ourselves,
The ride of this life makes the bumpiest road look tame,
But our lives because of trial and tribulations can never be so lame,
The decisions we make to get to the heart of our truth,
Will lead us to the path that inspires a person or two,
The last year and a half have made most of us change,
We had to become the people that through tragedy our destiny was rearranged,
The people and the environments that used to be our norm,
Have us wondering and praying to God feeling very torn,
The change we feel comes from that strong heart beat of purpose,
This is why anything less than God’s unchanging hand will no longer make any sense.

Remember God loves you always and eternally.

Terryn Horton-Morton

3 thoughts on ““Heartbeat of Purpose”/Poem by T.H.M/Weekly Sunday Inspiration

    1. Thank you. I am doing some radical self research and allowing God to flow through me in a way that most pushes me to be the best for myself and others. I write for my own therapy but I always hope it can help someone else in their journey


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