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“Next Level Faith”~Poem by T.H.M~Weekly Sunday Inspiration

A new beginning can bring awareness to what you thought you knew,
The people around you tend to become new too,
As we grow it seems the world gets bigger,
But your friends and your loved ones starts to get thinner,
The journey to understanding ourselves comes with some heavy prices,
It tends to teach us how short this life is,
The value we find with being with eachother,
Is why God always expects us to be respectful and helpful to one another,
The transition this Pandemic has made us all move through,
Has allowed for God’s children to shine as new,
The non stop struggle within ourselves to fight this spiritual battle of our soul,
Has built a defense system against satan’s ultimate goal,
To kill, destroy, and steal our hearts,
In which this world would soon try to tear that relationship with God all a part,
We must remember whom we are as we reach the end of this level of our journey,
God put something incredible inside each of us which makes us worthy,
To be acknowledged as victors in this Kingdom journey,
As you continue to move from the old ways to the new way,
Just know that God has reminded us we are okay,
If we must fall apart to build the foundation back up,
Just know in God you are always enough,
The road to this new phase of our lives we must embark on,
Will take you and me to remain strong,
2 Corithians 5:17 says, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.”

Remember God loves you always. You got this because God got us.

Terryn Horton-Morton

One thought on ““Next Level Faith”~Poem by T.H.M~Weekly Sunday Inspiration

  1. Delayed but not denied. Our Victory has already been won. I love it!!!! Thank you for this. Your blog & Pastor’s sermon touched hand & hand today. May God continue to use you.


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