Christian writers


We have finally reached the end of another year,
We have been through much and lost people we held dear,
Our lives will forever be changed by what we have witnessed,
And we no longer can afford for our dreams to be dismissed,
This is not to say that troubling times are no longer ahead,
But God has some miracles working still ahead,
We are meant to be where we are at the time we are presently,
God’s love for us lasts indefinitely,
Its your time to step out on what God has destined for you,
Your purpose is set and with your hands you must prove,
You have what it takes to be everything God created,
This is the last week of 2020, and with confidence you can say, you made it,
This is your divine time right here right now,
The real work will begin and before our Father we gratefully must bow.
God loves you and XOXO (for the last time this year).🎆🎆

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