Christian Living

It’s Time To Do The Work!/Poem by T.H.M

Last year brought to light many things,
What was the norm before no longer is happening,
We all prayed and wished this day would come,
Yet instead of rejoicing many of us are just numb,
Frozen in a space and time that is in a never ending loop,
Why are we still holding on to things that hold me and you?
God made us all sit down and dream,
But why are we still holding on to those old horrible things?
2021 is the time to stand up and do something more,
God has so many assignments waiting for us in store,
But the burden we keep carrying from the past we must let go,
Our truth is right in front of us but requires us to grow,
The difference between the 31st and the 1st is this,
To take the leap boldly to what is unknown,
Trusting God to catch you for His everlasting arms never miss.
God loves you always and forever.

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