Christian Living

“The Same God”/Poem by T.H.M/My Modern Day Journey in Faith

Who have we become during this test and trial?
Who are we going to miss during this final mile?
The world is changing and will continue to spin on its axis,
But when was the last time you looked at yourself and asked this…
Who am I and what does God need me to do?
The pain and confusion will only serve to disable you.
We cannot go about this year without holding on to God’s grace,
Many of our loved ones did not make the final race,
We are strong and we continue to fight because of who we lost,
Our souls the enemy wants no matter the cost,
The world is always changing but our God, our Jesus, our Creator stays the same,
We will never be able to sleep through life,
For now our inner selves are finally awake.
God loves you!

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