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A Mother’s Hood/Poem by T.H.M/Sunday Inspiration

We learn much from the ones who gave birth,
The practice of bringing forth life takes alot of work,
Because it’s done often, many do not understand,
That being a mother does not always go as planned,
We carry a life for 9 months at a time,
To then have these little humans look at us with trust and love in their eyes,
It’s a beautiful thing to be the mother to another generation,
The many growing pains take hard work and patience,
The tears that are shed show our dedication,
Mother’s make us feel comforted in times of trouble,
And as soon as we see them are brave facade often crumbles,
Our moms teach us what truth really looks like,
They prepare us for a world who judges by what we look like,
The many times we tried as children to wear their shoes,
Not knowing the hurt and pain our mom’s often go through,
As mom’s we carry life and we carry burdens throughout time,
Teaching our children all we have inside,
This is why the strength of a mom cannot be denied,
Because God’s light and His purpose for us Mom’s is why He built us with pride!

To every mom out there, you are fierce, you are beautiful, and you are seen!
Happy Mother’s Day – Remember God loves you always!

Terryn Horton-Morton

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